The Future of Learning for Every Fast Growing Industry

Effective Tools for Change

At BoxPlay we create new models, assessments, and content for learning.

We identify what skills you’ll need in the future and give you access to them now.


Amplifying and Augmenting Skills

Everyone learns differently, which is why our courses are designed to amplify your most employable skills while strengthening undeveloped ones, powering your unique potential.


Learning That Does Not Feel Like Learning

We build our courses from the ground up; developing visually beautiful, engaging, and impactful learning experiences that leverage edutainment in a powerful multimedia approach.



Go Beyond Theory

Expand Knowledge

We transfer and amplify the expertise of renowned institutions, thought leaders, and domain experts through immersive learning experiences.

Our lessons are shaped by the latest developments in learning and neuroscience, accredited by experts, and delivered by Hollywood storytellers.


Enter BoxPlay to Learn

  • In-demand skills
  • Lessons from domain experts
  • Proven strategies
  • Real world simulations
  • Insights from success stories
  • Inspiration from world-renowned personalities
  • Innovations from entrepreneurs


Re-imagining Skills for Every Industry

Accredited courses cover in-demand workplace skills like Communication, Negotiation and Influence, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Strategy, as well as top requested digital and tech skills like STEM, Data Science and Analytics.

Data Science and Analytics
AI and Machine Learning
Strategy and Innovation
Critical Thinking
Digital Transformation
Negotiation and Influence

Our Top Products

Flexible Solutions

BoxPlay is both a production and a distribution company.  All of our products are modular, stackable and for license to private and public sectors. You can consume them on our platform or plug them into any organisation’s streaming LMS.


Power of Scale

BoxPlay content factory is staffed with industry leaders uniquely capable of distilling complex topics in order to deliver lasting, scalable impact on any topic.


A Force For Equality

Strategies and initiatives alone won’t work. Knowledge is the only way to effectively challenge old patterns of behaviour, and dismantle oppressive or outdated systems.
Our purpose is to democratize learning and build a more inclusive future.


What Our Customers Say

“BoxPlay is one of the most innovative companies in the learning space.”

– Jeff Turner, Former Facebook Global Learning & Development Director

“BoxPlay’s content is as bingeable as a Netflix Series.  They bring humanity + entertainment into learning.”

– Shelley Greenwald, Associate Director, Innovation Practice at Accenture

“If BoxPlay can help people understand and relate to Calculus, then they can do it with any in-demand skill. BoxPlay has proven the ability to create real learning and deliver it at scale.

– Milena Marinova, Senior VP, AI Products & Solutions at Pearson

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